Maximize profit with minimal effort.


Software Design

Design a TV/web sync platform architecture.

Web App Development

Develop web application with Python, Django, AngularJS and other technologies.

Technical Direction

Identify and design technical architecture of web services, mobile app, etc. Engineering team structure is taken into account to optimize communication between PEOPLE as well.

Measurement and Automation

Develop measurement and automation application using, but not limited to, LabVIEW, GPIB, analog and digital I/O, and cameras.

Tech Marketing

Consult with a high tech company on marketing strategy and communications.

Tech Writing

Research and report industrial technology comparison.


Live Web Services
What I talk when I talk about live web services. (Japanese)
Durable water-proof marathon pace wristband based on target time and course elevation profile.

Even Pace
iOS app for running pace alert. It alerts when runner going too faster or slower than his/her set point, by voice.

Chrome extension for exporting Garmin Connect activities to RunKeeper.



Provides serviese using the following, but not limited to, base technologies.

  • JavaScript / AngularJS
  • Python / Django / Flask
  • MySQL / Redis / Google Cloud Datastore
  • Linux, iOS
  • Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform

Minimal Works is being run by Toru Furukawa, a freelance software architect, software engineer, technical writer and marketer.

If you are seeking a software engineer, especially for an Ad/Marketing creative project, I can contribute to the project with my expertise. Check out my past works.